DJ.Plugmatics from the Jazztechnoise official website

DJ.Plugmatics is a web based musician / photographer / video and VR artist who loves succulent plants. He is also a Producer and a member of the Virtual music unit “The Jazztechnoise“.


He has his own VR clubs on STYLY and Cluster. He also broadcast his live on Twitch, Showroom and/or Virtual Cast. You can also check some of his past performance on Youtube, and listen and purchase some of his earlier music works from major music subscription services like listed below.

STYLYCluster 上にVRclubを所有しています。 また、Twitch, Showroom, Virtual Cast等でライブを開催し、配信しています。 また、Youtubeでも過去の作品を見る(聞く)ことができます。さらには以下のストリーミングサービスなどでも初期の音楽作品を聴いたり購入できたりします。

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You can purchase original goods, songs and NFT works from his online shops.


Supporters and Sponsors are welcomed! (ご支援のお願い)

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