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DJ.Plugmatics is a web based musician / photographer / video and VR artist who loves succulent plants. He is also a Producer and a member of the Virtual music unit “The Jazztechnoise“.


You can also check his performance on Youtube, showroom and Cluster. You can also listen and purchase some of his music from his shop and major music subscription services on the list below.

Youtube,、showroom Cluster でも配信しています。また直営店と以下のストリーミングサービスでも音楽を聴いたり購入できたりします。

SpotifyiTunes & Apple Music Tidal ・Deezer

Basic weekly schedule (週刊基本スケジュール)

Monday – Friday : Non stop VDJ remix on Twitch! (from around 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on JST (Japan Standard Time).


* Check his songs on Twitch and subscribe his channel if you like them! You can listen the musics without troublesome advertisements if you are a subscriber. For the Amazon prime members, you can become a Twitch subscriber without paying in addition.


Weekends: Live performance by The Jazztechnoize on Showroom or Cluster on Suterday. New songs will be up on Soundcloud and Youtube! on Sunday.


Links to the shops(直売店)

His Music, photos and videos are basically royalty free!. You can purchase them from his online shops and use them in your original games or videos although you may not use the material for commercial purposes.


VR works on STYLY

*Please check his VR works on STYLY gallery


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