DJ.Plugmatics from the Jazztechnoise official website

DJ.Plugmatics is a web based musician / photographer / video and VR artist who loves succulent plants. He is also a Producer and a member of the Virtual music unit “The Jazztechnoise“.


He has his own VR clubs on Door, Cluster and STYLY. He also broadcasts his live performance on Neem, Twitch, Showroom ,Virtual Cast and SpacePod unregularly. You can also check his video works on his YouTube channel and listen some of his earlier music works from major music subscription services.

Door ClusterSTYLY 上でVR club/ライブハウスを運営している他、Neem, Twitch, Showroom, Virtual Cast, SpacePod 等での配信も行っています。また、YouTubeでもビデオ作品を見ることができます。さらには各種ストリーミングサービスなどでも初期の音楽作品を公開しています。

You can access these sites, when you click the pictures. 画僧をクリックすることでリンク先に移動できます。

Live house on Door by NTT XR

Virtual club on Cluster

Note: Rave party on neem is open from weekdays from around 7:30am to 6:00pm on Japan standard time. Neemでのレイブイベントは通常平日の朝7時半ごろから夕方6時ごろまで開催しています。

Youtube channel:

Please also follow my twitter! ツイッターもフォローしてみてください。

You can purchase original goods, songs and NFT works from his online shops.


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